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cuore busy nest : . "A ciência nada tem a ver com o inefável: ela tem de falar a vida se quiser transformá-la"Roland Barthes, 1958 (ed. 1997 : 183) : . "Os Céus Dispensam Luz e Influência sobre este mundo baixo, que reflecte os Raios Benditos, ainda que não Os possa recompensar. Assim, pode o homem regressar a Deus, mas não pode retribuir-Lhe" Coleridge (maiúsculas acrescentadas :)

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sexta-feira, maio 15, 2009

:) o banco da pachorra :) es que no la hay : ) apre! : ) manifesto anti-antas :) story from bottom up :)

because I´m experiencing heaven on earth since you, devilish creature, no longer have the power to restrain my pink existance... Pink Path is waiting for me...and I´m going to accomplish it....she adds while smiling... Friends are always there for me... she tries to think about all The Overwelming Blessings God Has so kindly Offered Her..

... my penthouse of joy, peace of mind and happiness is just around the corner AFTER YOU GET OUT OF MY LIFE and GET ONE FOR YOURSELF AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM ME...she screams outloud peaceful home made boat is waiting for me...she whispers...

I just want to "fly over the rainbow so high"...she argues...

reaction : ) that´s enough, you f.... bastard (nosotras só dizemos palavões em estangeiro! ), says the patient lady... fact, my eye is always open to worship it...

...and by the way, I just love provoking caos, pretending to be a pure cosmos..

I just ador killing Innocence and getting advantage from it!

then, he continues the arrassment :) I know- I´m so tender and cute! ...

...says the devilish creature while stating :) besides I offer you these lovely pink rings

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